Young Two's: Tuesday

Daily Schedule and Curriculum

9:15-10:30               Table Activity, Free Play/Readiness, Craft

10:30-10:40             Clean-up

10:40-10:50             Snack

10:50-11:05             Stories, Songs, and Fingerplays

11:05-11:15             Large movement activities (outside, weather permitting)

11:15                       Dismissal

Monthly Units

September                  Getting acquainted, our names, apples

October                      Colors (Orange), Pumpkins, Fall, Halloween

November                   Colors (Yellow), Farm Animals, Thanksgiving

December                   Colors (Red), Families, Christmas

January                       Colors (Blue), Senses

February                      Colors (Pink), Valentine's Day, Our Bodies / Healthy awareness

March                          Colors (Green), St. Patrick's Day, Teddy Bears

April                             Colors (Brown), Mud and dirt, Easter

May                             Nursery Rhymes, flowers, Mother's Day

Three's and Four's: Tuesday and Thursday

Daily Schedule and Curriculum

9:00-9:25                  Opening and readiness

9:25-10:40                Free-choice time

10:40-10:45              Clean-up

10:45-10:55              Conversation and Fingerplays

10:55-11:05              Snack

11:05-11:15              Story

11:15-11:30              Large Movement Activity, Music (Thursday)


Monthly Units

September                  Getting acquainted, safety, self-awareness

October                      Colors, Fall, Halloween

November                   Counting, Family, Thanksgiving

December                   Small muscle development, Holidays

January                       Large muscle development, Memory skills

February                     Shapes, Valentine's Day, Healthy awareness

March                          Numeral recognition, Poison awareness

April                            Spring, Opposites, Plants, How things grow

May                            Alphabet, Initials, Gardening

Field Trips and Special Events

September                 Marott Park

October                      Halloween Parade and Coffee

November                  Meridian Music/Extended Day PM

December                   Holiday Program AM

January                      Kid's Ink Bookstore, Evening Event for the Family

February                    Valentine's Party and Exchange

March                         Ruth Lilly Center for Health, Easter Parade and Coffee AM, Evening of Art

April                            Holiday Park

May                           All school End-of-Year Family Picnic at Broad Ripple Park


Yearly skills: Name recognition, sharing and taking turns, listening, attention span, problem solving, color recognition, counting, numerals, and HAVING FUN!


Two's and Three's: Monday, Wednesday - Friday

Daily Schedule and Curriculum

9:05                          Participating parent arrives with snack and drink

9:15-9:30                  Circle time, Theme conversation

9:30-10:30                Free choice time, Craft

10:30-10:35              Clean-up

10:35-10:45              Story and fingerplays

10:45-10:55              Snack

10:55-11:15              Group activity (Inside or Outside)

11:15-11:30              Music (Thursday/Friday), Creative Movement (Wednesday)

11:30                        Dismissal

Monthly Units

September                 Getting acquainted with each other and our classroom

October                      Colors, Autumn

November                   Food, Sizes, Big and Little

December                   Families, Gift-making, Giving

January                       Counting, Counting book, Winter

February                     Shapes, Valentine's Day, Winter Party

March                         Weather, Seasons

April                            Spring, Baby animals

May                            Butterflies, Mother's Day, Seeds and plants

Pre-Kindergarten: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Daily Schedule and Curriculum

9:00-9:40                 Circle time and readiness: Morning greeting, introduce new concepts and skills, review letters and

                                   numbers, discuss the calendar

9:40-10-40                Activity time: Craft, dramatic play, manipulative play, painting and drawing, outside play, large

                                   movement activities

10:40-10:50             Clean-up

10:50-11:00             Story

11:00-11:10             Snack

11:10-11:25             Special activities: Spanish (Monday), Show-n-tell/Movement (Wednesday), Music (Friday)

11:20-11:30             Closing Time: Review of the day, play group game, songs and stories, play outside

Monthly Units

September                  Nursery Rhymes; Review of colors and shapes; Name recognition; New friends

October                       Insects; Spiders; Autumn; Halloween

November                   Native Americans; Food groups; Thanksgiving

December                   Numbers, Winter; Christmas

January                       Winter; Community helpers

February                     Community helper; Presidents; Valentine's Day

March                         Transportation- Air, Water, and Land

April                            Spring; Plants; Flowers; Fruits and vegetables

May                            Spring; Baby animals; Indy 500

Field Trips / Special Events

September                 Meet the Teacher, Back to School Meeting

October                      Pumpkin patch, Dad's Night- Pumpkin carving, Halloween Parade and Party

November                  Thanksgiving Feast, Visit to a Teepee 

December                  Christmas Tree farm, Holiday Singing Program AM

January                      Fire Station trip, Visit from a Doctor

February                    Valentine's Party and Exchange

March                        City bus ride to Peewinkle Puppet Theater, Evening of Art

April                           Trip to the Grocery Store, Family Vegetable Soup Night PM

May                           Mother's Day Tea,  Trip to NIFS (National Institute for Fitness and Sport),  End-of-Year Family Picnic

Yearly skills: Left to right progression, number symbol recognition, rote counting, grouping, sorting, sequencing, self-help skills, name recognition and writing, address and telephone number, letters of the alphabet.