Preschool is a special place for children.  It is a place for children to feel happy and secure, and a place where children can learn to trust adults other than mom and dad.  Learning to share, take turns, and try new experiences are all part of the preschool experience.  We realize that children are different and that they should be treated as individuals.  To meet these differences, a variety of materials and activities are provided, enabling children to progress at their own rate physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.  Our goal is for the healthy development of the whole child. 

     Play is the "work" of children, so a free choice time is an important part of each day.  It is a time when children can find materials appropriate for their own developmental level.  Children are encouraged to be independent in order to foster feelings of self-worth and competence.

     A good environment for emotional development is one in which all children's feelings are accepted.  It is important to learn that other children have ideas which may be different or opposite from theirs.  This also means negative, as well as positive feelings, can be expressed.  If negative feelings lead to "out of bounds" behavior and discipline is required, we stress that it is alright to have negative feelings but not to act them out in negative or destructive ways.  We feel it is important for a child to feel good about himself before he can feel good about others.

     Expressing oneself verbally is a goal for children at each age level.  Both written and oral communication skills are encouraged daily.  To help with social development, children are encouraged to observe or actively participate in group activities.  By sharing, taking turns, and respecting each others' ideas children are encouraged to accept responsibilities and make decisions.

     Our program is not too pushy or too passive.  The teachers are a guide and source of information, but children learn by experiencing and doing.  They will be challenged and not allowed to drift aimlessly.  Good early education is a bonus for their future school years and we are very happy that you've chosen The Children's Corner to be a part of your child's early school experience.