Dawn A., TCC parent of 2 since 2008:

"My twin boys attended The Children's Corner Preschool for four years and I can say as a mom I am extremely thankful for the AMAZING staff that invested in my children's lives daily.  This program is based around education through play. However, they also supported my children spiritually and emotionally.  The program at TCC has prepared my boys to enter into elementary school ready to succeed.  For that I am truly grateful!"

Erica L., TCC parent of 3 since 2011:

"The Children's Corner preschool program offers the perfect blend of early childhood education and allowance for creativity and individual expression.  Any given day my child receives exposure to reading, visual arts, music, free play
and time for her to develop social skills.The teachers and staff are extremely nurturing, which probably helps explain
their consistency year after year.  In addition, the Pre-K program offers several out-of-classroom experiences throughout the year. This is a special and unique feature of the school! The Children's Corner is a wonderful and well-rounded preschool.  We will definitely continue to send all of our children our here."

Parents are always welcome to visit the classroom, contact the teachers, the director or members of the board with questions, suggestions and ideas. Family participation is encouraged by attending conferences, helping with special projects with the children or for the school, and chaperoning field trips.
In addition, parents in the two's and three's program help through scheduled participation days. Parents also provide a nutritional snack for the children on a rotating schedule. Parents may serve on the board and as room parents. If you have a free day, just hang up your coat and come on in - we'll put you to work!

Morgan C., TCC parent and graduate(Class of 1979-80):

"Experiencing TCC through my son's eyes is the ultimate gift. I have the fondest memories of learning from the best teachers and still have the same friends I made at TCC over 34 years ago!" 

Parent Testimonials

Leah W., TCC parent of 3 since 2011:

"Not only do you run the best preschool around, you create an atmosphere of caring, dedication and plain old fun for everyone. I have to thank you for making my children's first school experiences so special."

Kathleen S., TCC parent of 2 since 2010:

"The caring, competent, and responsive staff at TCC put the needs of young children above all else. Low student-teacher ratio, developmentally appropriate curriculum, and long-standing traditions result in happy kids who LOVE school. For our youngest learners, what more can a family ask? "

Megan C., TCC parent of 3 since 2010:

"I really can’t have imagined a better place for our children to begin their "formal education". Lots of love, a little discipline, plenty of playtime, creative projects, encouragement and understanding … time to be a child! The staff is truly dedicated, many of them having taught at The Children's Corner for 30-40 years. The excellent education provided by this amazing group of women has helped us raise confident, happy children, fully prepared and excited for kindergarten and beyond."